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Confessions of a Murder Suspect… I guess.

Confessions of a Murder Suspect  - James Patterson, Maxine Paetro

I read this book a while back and I was excited because I read James Patterson a lot in middle/high school, his Maximum Ride series. As you will come to notice I love mystery books so this one caught my eye. 


  • 1.This book is an easy read. Not too many big words, complicated concepts, or difficult characters to understand. (although it does have some medical terms and phrases that may be difficult for some). Am I the only one who likes easy reads from time to time?

2.The characters in this book are different than what you would expect a nice change from the usual types of people. (read it to find out what I mean). 

3.The ending really isn't what you expect. 

4.It isn't too graphic or gory or any sexual explicit things in here.


1.I think because I am older now, this affects my review of this book, but I do not like the way the story was told. It is in first person but it redundant in the way it is written. For example the narrator repeatedly says "I can't tell you that part yet" or "Anyone of us can be a suspect including me" "Don't judge me for what I am about to tell you". Saying these thing once or twice is fine but repeatedly, every chapter is annoying. It's trying to hard to have and air of mystery. 

2. I had a love/hate relationship with the  narrator and that is probably because of the reasons listed above. 

3. The story was a bit much, and some lose ends did not tie together well enough for me.

*Overall I think that is an ok, or even good book for someone who likes easy reads, or occasionally reads etc… and definitely  for a younger audience. I think that is why I gave the book such a low rating. I guess I need to stop trolling the teen section for books then.  

The Mysterious Affair at Styles (and my first post bear with me!)

The Mysterious Affair At Styles - Agatha Christie

My dad introduced me to Agatha Christie's books because I love mystery books. They are my number one obsession! The first one I read was The Mysterious Affair at Styles.  I was pleasantly surprised! I loved this book! I love how she takes the main character who is everyone obvious suspect, the red herring, and takes the heat off of him/her. Lets you believe it's someone else….then BAM it really was the first person you expected. 

Pros:I love the Hercule Poirot character! He is smart and cunning, dramatic and slightly arrogant, but sweet and humble all rolled into a lovable detective. He comes to they Manor after his friend enlist his help to solve the "murder" of an rich elderly lady. It is not considered a murder at first, but of course everyone thinks differently, especially a certain woman. I do not want to spoil it for anyone but I highly recommend anyone who loves good old classic detective novels to read this!

Cons: She has a very predictable formula, as most authors do but she writes so well that it isn't boring!